User is a system object defined by its specific name (login) and password. Users can login to Wialon Hosting and control their units with the help of different tools and features. Different users can have different access to units and different set of allowed activities. They can create their own geofences, report templates, etc. non-visible to other users.

To manage users, open Users panel in the work area on the left of the window. Here the list of all users available to you is displayed, and you can create new users, manage and delete existent, etc.

The number of users allowed can be known from your account parameters (see User Settings => Account).

To create a new user, press the green plus on top of the panel and fill in the pages of the dialog. User properties dialog can contain the following tabs that were described above:

Managing Users List

For your convenience, the users are arranged by name. If there are many users, use the dynamic filter above the list to easily find them.

The following actions are possible:

  1. send SMS to user (the button is not displayed if the current user does not have enough rights; if the button is dimmed, it means there is no phone number in user properties);
  2. edit or view user's properties;
  3. import settings from the current user ( – not enough access);
  4. create a copy of this user;
  5. delete user from the system ( – not enough access).

The dialog to change user configuration is similar to the Create User dialog, but is has one more tab – Log. Here you can view all users' logins to the system and logounts during an indicated period of time. Specify the period and push Show.

Import/Export User Settings

Settings can be exported from one user to others. These settings are taken from the User Settings dialog, the tabs Settings, Map, and Monitoring Panel.

Settings are exported on the Users panel where there is a special button against each user . If the button is dimmed, it means you have no rights to change any settings of this user.

Choose a source user from the dropdown list. This list contains all available user and the current user (highlighted and selected by default).

Then tick necessary settings and press OK. On your choice, the following settings can be imported:

  • Time zone: time zone choice and daylight saving time option.
  • US metrics flag: on/off.
  • Unit info tip contents: options from the section 'Show in unit info tip'.
  • Monitoring panel configuration: everything from the 'Monitoring Panel' tab.
  • Unit visualization on map: options from the section 'Unit visualization on map'.
  • Address provider and city: the 'City' field on the 'Settings' tab.
  • User interface: state of the log (open/hidden), shortcuts (on/off), common map flag, option to play sound for notifications and messages.
  • Map position at startup: initial map coordinates and zoom.
  • Maps and layers: choice of activated maps, option of rendering geofences/POI on server (settings from the 'Maps' tab).
  • Locator flag: on/off.
  • Access key to mobile site.

Then press Next and choose destination users whose settings will be rewritten. This list contains only users to which you have edit or manage access. By default, the user is selected against which the import button was pressed.

User's e-mail and phone numbers cannot be imported as well as any data from the Account tab.

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