Managing Units via SMS

:!: Attention! This module is licensed separately and can be not included in your package.

To manage units via SMS messages, it is required to enter your cell phone numbers to User Settings.

Forming SMS Message

  1. Create a new text message.
  2. Enter unit name or its unique ID (see Unit Properties => General). You can input just some first characters that are enough to identify a unit. If several unit names begin from these characters, the command will be sent to the first found.
  3. Put a line feed <enter> ().
  4. Enter a command name (see the list of standard commands). If additional parameters are required, add them after space.
  5. Send the message to the phone number of the server modem. This number is given by your service provider.

If you want just to know where a unit is, you can omit command name and parameters or type any character or question mark (?). As a response, you will get a message with the latest data: unit name, day and time of the last message with valid coordinates, speed of movement, and address. If address information is not available, the coordinated will be given instead.


Here you have a list of standard command names that can be sent by the server via SMS and GPRS channels in case the equipment installed supports them.

Command Parameter Description
query_pos- Get the current position of the unit.
block_engine- Block the engine.
unblock_engine- Unblock the engine.
output_oninlet number Activate the input.
output_offoutlet number Activate the output.
set_report_intervalinterval, in seconds Set the interval of how often the unit sends messages to the server.
custom_msgmessage Custom message to the unit.

SMS Examples

Let us suppose that you have the access to three units: Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.

To get general information about Portos, sent from a registered phone the following text message:


The coincidence will be detected by the first letter because there is no more units which names begin from this letter.

To get information on Athos, you should already send two letters


In case you hesitate, send the full name of the unit.

To block the engine of Aramis (in case the corresponding equipment is installed), send the text:


To make Portos send messages to the server every 30 seconds, sent the command:

p↵set_report_interval 30