Monitoring Panel

In this tab you can customize the view of your monitoring panel. Choose the elements to be displayed in the working list. If you mark an element in the left check box, this item will have its own column in the monitoring list. If you mark an element in the right check box, this item will get into unit actions menu under button. If not marked at all, the item is not displayed.

The number of items in the dialog can vary depending on system configuration and your access rights.

Unit events registrar
This column contains buttons to display event registrar dialog. It is used to register fuel fillings, maintenance service and other events to unit history.

Always in sight
If selected in this column, unit will be always in sight on the map.

Send a command to unit(s)
Command can be locate unit, block engine, send a message to driver, and many others depending on device type used.

Motion state
This column shows whether unit is moving or stationary, as well as whether ignition is on or off (if there is an appropriate sensor).

Data accuracy
Shows how many satellites were locked and when the latest message was received. According to their last message time, units can be automatically displayed or hidden. To make use of this option, change Without filtration to Monitoring panel or Panel + Map and specify filtration interval in minutes. The filtration can affect only the work list in the monitoring panel or both the work list and the map. More...

Connection state
Shows whether there is connection with unit at the moment. Unit is considered to be online if it has TCP or UDP commands available or it has sent messages within last 10 minutes.

Picture from message
The button to display images received from the unit (useful if such functionality is provided for type of device used).

Send SMS
The button to send SMS to a unit or a driver bound to this unit.

Fast track building
The column of buttons to build tracks straight from the Monitoring panel. You should also select an interval to be applied to 'fast' tracks: current day, last 24 hours, last complete day, or manual mode. Manual mode means that the interval is taken from the Tracks panel.

Sensor state
Shows sensor state (on/off, value, etc.) with different colours.

View messages
View messages for the selected unit.

View unit/group properties dialog.

Routes control
Shows how unit is fulfilling assigned routes.

Show drivers column
The column with information on drivers: name and photo of driver assigned to unit.

Further information about the Monitoring panel is available in the section Icons Explanation.