Report Templates

The list of all templates available is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the window under the header Report templates. Here you can create, edit and delete templates for reports. Check the number of templates possible to create in your account parameters (see User Settings => Account).

All created templates appear in the list of report templates. In the tooltip you see the name of the account which holds this template (if you have access to more than one account). If clicking on a template, it becomes selected in the Report template field of report generation parameters.

When searching for a template on the list, it is convenient to use the filter. Enter template name or its part into the search text box and observe the results. Additional search parameters are set in the dropdown list where you can choose the account or leave All.

The following actions are available:

or view or edit a report template;
create a new template using this one as a basis;
delete template.

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