Advanced Settings

Use US metrics (miles, gallons) option defines how mileage, speed, and fuel are given in the report. If this box is checked, miles and gallons are used instead of kilometers and liters.

Mileage and fuel with accuracy to two decimal places. By default, mileage less than 20 and fuel less than 50 is displayed with accuracy to hundredths, and larger values are given as integers. However, if you consider it is necessary, mileage and fuel can be always shown with accuracy to two decimals (other decimal places are simply cut). Details about fuel and mileage in reports...

POI as address source option allows to use POI names instead of usual addresses received from the Web-GIS.

Geofences as address source option allows to use geofences names instead of usual addresses received from the Web-GIS. Addresses can be used in several tables to indicate unit location.

Use all accounts option is useful if you choose POI and/or geofences as addresses. By default, only geofences and places belonging to the same resource as reports template are used for the report. However, if the given option is activated and user has access to several accounts, all geofences and places which are located in these account will be enabled for the report. Details about addresses in reports...

Mileage from trips only is an option which affects mileage calculation. Mileage can be calculated either by all messages or by messages in trips (considering trip detector).

One more option is provided for group reports - Skip empty rows. It is used to withdraw uninformative rows from the resulting table. For example, you create a report about fuel thefts, but not each and every unit in the selected group has thefts, so there can be a lot of empty rows in the table.

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