The following tables (for units and unit groups) can be added to a report:

A template can contain any number of tables and charts. You can even add the same table type several times with different configuration of columns, data grouping and other settings.

To add any of above mentioned tables to the template, click the Add Table button and choose a table from the list.

Each table type has its set of columns which can form this table. After you have chosen table type, the list of columns available is displayed below. Check the columns you would like to include in the resulting table. To select all columns at once, press <ctrl> on the keyboard and click on any checkbox. To make all columns unselected, repeat the same operation. This combination works also for reports where you choose geofences, events, etc.

You can rename columns, clicking on their names and editing the text. In the same way you can change the name of the table itself (the Name text box at the top of the dialog). To restore default column names, use the button Restore default ().

Besides, you can apply to the columns any sequence order. Move them up and down using the green arrows .

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