Route Points

Route points refer to control points indicated when creating a geofence for a route. If a route was configured in such a way that route events were stored to unit history, later on this data can be used to generate a report on control points. The table can include:

  • Point name: the name given to this control point while creating it.
  • Arrival time: time when the unit entered this point.
  • Initial location: location at that time.
  • Departure time: time when the unit left this point.
  • Final location: location at that time.
  • Result: Visited (both entrance and exit were detected), Entrance only, Exit only, Skipped.
  • Route: the name of the route to which this control point belongs.
  • Geofence: the name of the geofence used to create this route.
  • Arrival time deviation: positive value if delayed, negative value if in a hurry in regard to arrival time set in point properties.
  • Departure time deviation: the same for departure time.
  • Presence duration: time spent in the control point.
  • Presence mileage: mileage in the control point.
  • Section duration: time spent to travel from the previous control point to this one.
  • Section mileage: mileage from the previous control point.
  • Count: points count.
  • Driver: driver's name or code if available.
  • Notes: an empty column for your custom comments.

See Route Statuses to know how different events about control point are detected.

Masks for geofence and/or route name can be applied additionally to this report. They are used in the same way as in Routes report.

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