Tracks on Map

The routes traveled by a unit in a chosen period of time can be shown on the map. To do this, in advanced settings a report template dialog select the corresponding options – Trips routes or All messages on map. These options are similar but a bit different. In case of Trip routes, only the intervals considered as trips (according to Trip Detector) will be displayed as tracks. In case of All messages on map, all messages with valid coordinates will be converted into a track. If in unit history there are intervals where the connection has been lost (no messages for a long time) or coordinates miss in messages, such intervals are displayed with a dashed line.

By default the routes are drawn with blue color. However, you can choose another color or even have many-colored tracks according to speed or sensor state. The set of colors to be used in tracks is defined in Unit Advanced Properties).

Besides, to get information about track points, hover mouse cursor over and see information in a tooltip (time, speed, coordinates, altitude, sensor values). Note that messages are searched in the radius of 50 pixels to the cursor.

If tracks or all messages are on, then in such tables as Trips, Rides, Engine hours, Speedings will be supplied with an additional first column containing the icon of the binoculars. When clicking on the icon, the map is centered at a certain segment of the track, and this segment is highlighted by a thick red line on the map.

Tracks can be rendered for units groups, too (see Reports on Unit Groups). It is reasonable to assign different colors for units in group to differentiate them on the map. However note that the number of simultaneously drawn messages can be limited by your service provider.

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