Pictures from Messages

If the equipment supports such an ability, units can send pictures together with messages. Pictures can be viewed in the Messages mode as well as in the Monitoring panel. To display a special column in the Monitoring panel, activate the option Picture from message in User Settings => Monitoring Panel.

After pressing the button, picture viewer will be displayed. You can view all the pictures received during the current session as well as the latest picture received before you logged in to the site.

The above mentioned way is to view pictures of a certain unit. To view last pictures of all units, press the pictures button at the bottom of the screen.

To move between images, use arrows. Between them you can see the number of the pictures viewed and the number of available images. Pictures are sorted according to the time they come to the server.

Above each picture, there is its date and time. Under each picture you can see a unit name and address information from the message.

Some pictures can be enlarged with a special button in the right top corner. To close a picture viewer, use the button in the right bottom corner.

:!: You can get a picture from a unit at any time using the Query snapshot command.

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