User interface of the service is simple and in many cases intuitive. There are plenty of screen tips associated with various buttons, icons, dialog boxes and other interface elements.

In the picture below, you see the service general view. To observe the site in a greater scale, enter the full-screen mode by pressing the <F11> button on the keyboard. This hotkey is supported by most of browsers.

Most of the screen space is occupied by the Map.

Top Panel

In the top (white) panel the following elements can be found:

  • service provider's logo,
  • the current time (in brackets there is a time zone),
  • the Language menu,
  • the Settings button,
  • Help (optional) – link to online user's guide,
  • Support (optional) – link to your technical support service,
  • login (username) which has been used to enter the system,
  • the Logout button,
  • product logo.

If the time is displayed in red color, it means that the server is not available at the moment. This can happen by a number of reasons. For example, the Internet connection is broken or some trouble has happened to the server.

The time may be displayed in red. It means there has been no connection to the server during the last two minutes (because of Internet loss or some interior service problems). When connection is restored, the warning will disappear and the site will continue its work.

If there has been no connection for more than 5 minutes, the session is terminated. However, after restoring the connection, the login page will be loaded automatically. At this, if the flag Remember on this computer is enabled, the auto login to the monitoring site will be performed, too.

Besides, in the top panel the notification about days left will appear (if it is provided in your billing plan).

Modes Panel

In the modes panel you can switch between three modes – “Map – Messages – Reports”:

  • Map Mode where you track you units and manage attendant system objects like geofences, drivers, jobs, notifications, etc.
  • Messages Mode where you can view database of messages received from your units.
  • Reports Mode where you generate reports based on data received in messages.

To switch between the modes, click on the item you need in the modes panel.

In the same panel, the Tools menu is located. On its right you see the buttons to switch layouts:

  • – show only the map;
  • – show the map and the left panel (work area);
  • – show the map and the log;
  • – show the map, the left panel, and the log.

In other words, you can enable or disable the map and the log. Besides, the work area size is changeable. Click on its right border and drag right or left to widen or narrow it. The same works for the log height.

Chosen layout (that is the state of the log and the left panel) is remembered for each user and restored with the next login to the system.

Horizontal Menu

The left side of the screen is the work area. Different panels can be opened there. They contain the basic instruments to manage your tracking activities:

  • Monitoring (tracking units position, state and movements);
  • Tracks (viewing movement history);
  • My Places (POI) (creating, editing, removing points of interest on the map);
  • Geofences (creating, editing, removing geofences);
  • Notifications (creating, editing, removing notifications about events);
  • Jobs (creating, editing, removing jobs);
  • Route Control (controlling units on routes);
  • Units (managing available units):
  • Users (managing other users);
  • Unit Groups (grouping units in your own way);
  • Drivers (creating drivers and assigning them to units).

Navigation between those panels is done through the horizontal menu which is situated over the work area. The panels are available only in the Map Mode, which can be selected in the modes panel. However, it is more convenient to navigate between the panels using Shortcuts, and in this case you do not depend on the current mode.

:!: Attention! Your package may contain not all of modules mentioned above, so, the list of panels may have fewer items.

Left Panel

The contents of the left panel (or the work area) depends on the item selected in the horizontal menu and in the modes panel.

Ground Panel

In the left part of the ground panel, the following buttons are available:
– hide/show unit traces;
– hide/show unit names;
– hide/show unit movement direction;
(optional) —- hide/show the dialog to send SMS messages to drivers, users, and units.

In the center of the ground panel there is your copyright with a hyper link.

At the right part of the ground panel there are three buttons which are used to show or hide additional windows: