Unit Groups

Unit group is a unity including several units which have something in common. In many cases it is convenient to operate a group of units instead of performing an action over each unit individually. For example, you can easily open needed units group in the working list and then track them, create reports and notification, and units not included into the group will not catch your sight and confuse you. Assigning access rights using unit groups is also much easier.

Unit groups are created and managed on the Unit Groups panel.

Unit group properties dialog can contain up to four tabs which were described above:

Managing Groups

One unit can be included in any number of groups. Put the mouse cursor over a group name, and in the popup window you will see the names of all units in this group and their current location.

By default, the items in the list are arranged by name. For easy search and arrangement you can use the dynamic filter above the list.

There is a number of actions possible:

or edit or view group properties (add/remove units, change image, reassign access rights);
import properties from a file;
create a new group using this one as a basis;
delete the group from the system. Deleting a group does not mean deleting the units included. If the button is dimmed, it means you have not enough access.

Unit groups can be useful in the monitoring process. See details in Unit Groups Monitoring.

Import Unit Properties from File

Unit properties previously saved to an XML file can be imported to several units at once if these units form a group. To import properties, press the Import button against the needed group. In the dialog check the units to import settings to and press Next. Then select a file, check needed sections and press OK. The result will be displayed in the same dialog. Details...

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