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Unit is system object which is specific for its equipment type and unique identification number (UID).

To work with units, choose Units in the navigation panel on the left of the window.

Here you can:

  • Add a new unit to the system.
  • Find existent units.
  • View or edit their properties.
  • Define access rights to units.
  • Perform settings import and export.
  • Remove units from the system.

Managing Units

Search & Display

To view created units in the results panel and proceed the work with them, specify the corresponding search parameters. How to fulfill a search...

In the table you see the unit's image, its name, creator, device type, unique ID, phone number, custom fields, and the buttons to import/export properties and to delete units. Learn more about managing tables...

View & Edit

To view unit properties on details or change them, just click on a unit in the table. In the Unit Properties dialog you can view and/or edit any parameters.


To delete a unit, check it and press delete button . Do not forget, you need to have manage rights to delete any objects from the system. Learn more about deleting objects...

Unit Properties

To add a new unit to the system, press the button Create Unit. Configure units in the dialog filling needed tabs. Use the following links to get to nkow the details about each parameter:

The alternative way to create a unit is to clone a unit. This way is convenient to quickly create units with similar properties. Click on an existing unit holding the <ctrl> key. The Create Unit dialog will be displayed, and there you can enter a new name for a unit, correct any properties, and then save the new unit.

Units with the same IDs or phone numbers cannot exist in the system. If you are trying to create a unit with ID or phone number which already belongs to a unit in the system, an alert will be displayed and you will be offered to edit the unit. If you will not edit these fields, the unit will be created anyway but with no ID or phone number.

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