Advanced Properties

On this tab messages validity parameters are defined, colors for tracks are adjusted, and speed limitations are set.

Parameters Used in Reports

Speed limit

Enter the maximum speed allowed. All messages with higher speed will be detected as cases of violation and exported to the report on speedings.

Urban speed limit

This setting is used in report on trips. If the unit goes with the speed under indicated here, it is considered as urban mileage. If the speed is higher, this mileage is regarded as suburban mileage.

Maximum interval between messages

Maximum interval between messages (in seconds) is needed to exclude invalid messages. When the indicated value is exceeded it is regarded as connection loss (GSM). These cases can be viewed in the report on connection quality.

In addition, this setting is used in the engine hours report to cut off false intervals of engine hours operation.

Daily engine hours rate

If the unit has an engine hours sensor, here you can indicate the daily rate of engine hours to use this value in the corresponding report.

Mileage Coefficient

Mileage coefficient is useful to compare detected mileage with mileage by speedometer. The corresponding column can be included in any report containing information about mileage.

Track Color

Speed based track colors

This feature is used to draw unit tracks in the Tracks panel, in the Messages Mode, and in the reports. If this option is activated, track colors will depend on unit speed. If not activated, one color is applied to the track regardless the speed.

Enter pairs Speed/Color separating them by ';'. For example, if '0 ff0000; 60 cc0000ff' is entered the track consisting of messages with speeds form 0 to 59 km/h will be displayed in red color, over 60 km/h - in blue.

To set a color you can use also a color panel on the right of the table of speed and colors. To activate the panel, click on any colored rectangle.

To apply settings push Refresh .
To restore default colors push Reset to default .

Sensor based track colors

The track can be drawn in different colors according to a sensors values. Choose a sensor to be taken into account. Then define sensor values and colors corresponding to them in the same way as for speed based track colors.

The color for some range can be transparent. For this, its first bite should be 0x01. For example, the string '0 1ff0000;0.9 00ff00' means that the values from 0 to 0.9 will be transparent, from 0.9 and upper - green.

Unconditional track color

Track color set here is applied to all tracks of the unit regardless speed or sensor values. This option allows to assign an individual track color for each unit which is very useful for rendering unit group tracks on the map. Individual colors help to differentiate tracks from one another.

Sensor color in the Monitoring panel

It is possible to visualize sensor state on the monitoring panel in the appropriate column that is activated in user settings.

Value intervals and colors are set in the manner as for track colors. Besides, you can enter description for each interval. These descriptions will be used in popup windows for the Sensor Value column in the monitoring panel. If no description is assigned here, the exact value will be displayed in the popup window.

The same colors can be used for unit visualization on the map. Activate the option Replace unit icons with motion state signs in user settings. In this case the unit will be displayed on the map not with its image but with special signs as arrow (moving), square (stationary) or yellow (stationary but engine on). These sighs will have the color defined on this tab.

Message Validity

Enable filtration of unit position information in messages

All messages without any exception are stored in the system. However, if having outlying data, it can affect reports and other processes based on database analysis. That is why, it is recommended to enable filtration of data. For example, if there are outlying data, messages without coordinates, etc, these messages can be marked as invalid and ignored when generating reports, calculating mileage, and so on. To adjust filtration settings, fill in the fields:

Skip invalid messages
Some controllers may send a flag about coordinates validity/invalidity in messages. A messages with invalid coordinates is marked by the flag of invalidity, and when sending such a message to the server, the current time and the last valid coordinates are given. Wialon will consider this message as a message without position data, and it will be not used when constructing movement tracks, detecting location in reports, etc. However, if this messages contains other parameters (such as sensors values), they will be used.

Minimum satellites
If the number of satellites locked is lower, the message considered to be invalid. Recommended value is three and more, but some equipment can give correct coordinates beginning form two satellites.

Maximum HDOP value
HDOP refers to Horizontal Dilution of Precision. Here you set the minimum HDOP value for messages to be regarded as valid. The lower this parameter, more accurate the coordinates.

Maximum speed
The messages which contain the speed higher than set here, are marked as invalid. The values must be in km/h.

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