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To view user settings, click on Settings on the top panel. Here you can customize some parameters of service functionality.

The User Settings dialog can contain up to three tabs according to the service configuration: Settings, Account, and Retranslation.

General Settings

The first tab contains general settings. Here you indicate you time zone, input your e-mail address, change the password to enter the system, and set many other parameters.

Time zone
Indicate your time zone accurately because all time values in messages got from units are displayed in accordance with time zone selected.

Daylight saving time
Check this option if in your region you use summer and winter time.

This e-mail address will be used to send you a reset password link in case you forget your password.

User's phone numbers
Key in one or more phone numbers which you are going to use to manage units via SMS. If a command comes from some other phone, it is not processed. Phone numbers should be written in international format (for instance, +7903726154,+15551234567) and separated by comma (with no spaces). They should start from “+”, then follow country code, communication statement code and the phone number itself.

Change password
If you push this button, some additional fields will appear. You will be asked to input your current password, and then your new password (two times).

Access key to mobile site
If you are going to use mobile phone or PPC to manage the server, enter the access key. If you leave this field empty, the access will be denied.


:!: Attention! This tab is available when billing system is used.

The Account tab has two sections: General and Statistics. In the General section information on billing plan and current balance is presented. You see also how many objects (like places, geofences, units, users, etc.) you can create and how many of them already exist.

In the Statistics section you can make an inquiry about charges for different operations produced over a given period. Specify the period of time and push the Show button to see statistics.