User interface of the service is simple and in many cases intuitive intelligible. There is plenty of screen tips associated with various buttons, icons, dialog boxes and other interface elements.

The work area can be divided into several parts:

  • Top panel is situated at the top of the window. It shows where you are (service name), how you have entered (your login), and contains also a menu through which several options are available.
  • Navigation and search panel is a panel with four tabs at the left of the window. Here you can switch tabs: accounts, users, units, unit groups.
  • Results panel is the central part. Here you can manage created objects.
  • Log is situated at the bottom of the window. Here you can view messages about action undertaken or errors occurred.

Work area

Panels sizes are customizable. To adjust the size of the results panel and the log in relation to each other, drag the horizontal slider between them up or down. To adjust the width of the navigation panel, find a vertical slider and drag it right or left.