Unit Groups

Unit group is a unity including several units which have something in common. It is convenient to use unit groups to assign access rights to users.

To work with groups of units, choose Unit Groups in the navigation panel on the left of the window.

Here you can:

  • Create a new group.
  • Find existent groups.
  • View or edit their properties.
  • Define access rights to groups of units.
  • Import unit properties to a group of units.
  • Remove unit groups from the system.

Group Properties

To form a group of several units, press Create Unit Group button. Fill in the dialog and press OK.


Give group a name no less than 4 characters. Select creator from the dropdown list. Then add units to the group. On the left there is a list of all units available. On the right there is a list of units in the group. To add a unit to the group, double-click on it or push the Add button. To remove a unit from the group, push Remove or double-click on the unit in the right column.

:!: You can add and remove only units to which you have manage access.


Access level to the group can be assigned to each user individually. On the left there is a list of users available. Click on a user name and select access level for this user on the right. Several items can be selected at once using <shift> and <ctrl> keys. The rights assigned are marked by the corresponding background color. Access levels description...

:!: Access rights set here are applied to all units in group. However, if a higher access level is set for a unit in the individual way, it will remain. In other words, groups are applied to enlarge rights but not to reduce rights.


Attach an image to the group. It can be selected from the set of standard images (Icon Library button) or load your own image (Upload Icon button).

:!: Note.
The other way to create a new group is to make a copy of an existing group and edit it. This feature is aimed to speed up the process of creating objects. Click on a group holding down the <ctrl> key. In the Create Unit Group dialog edit group information (name, units included, image, and other properties). Save the group by clicking OK.

Custom Fields

Here you can enter any additional information about this unit group. Information is entered in the form of fields: <field_name> - <field_value>. Key in a field name and its value and press the Add button. To delete a field press Remove.

After filling in all pages and fields, press OK.

Groups Management

Search & Display

To view created groups in the results panel and proceed the work with them, specify the corresponding search parameters. How to fulfill a search...

In the table you see the group's image, its name and creator, and import button. Learn more about managing tables...

View & Edit

When clicking on a group, you can see group properties and change them if necessary (image, units included, access, and other).


To delete a group (manage access needed), check it and press the delete button below . See Deleting Objects for details.

:!: Deleting a group does not mean deleting units which were included to this group.

Import Settings from File

Unit properties previously saved to an XML file can be imported to several units at once if these units form a group. To import properties, press the Import button against the needed group. In the dialog check the units to import settings to and press Next. Then select a file, check needed sections and press OK. The result will be displayed in the same dialog. Details...