Account is a contract with a client; this is a unity of resource and users (one of them is account's creator). Most of objects which are created by end users on the monitoring site (like report templates, notifications, geofences, etc.) belong to account. Availability of an account gives user opportunity to create such objects. Besides, billing plan is applied just to account and not to user.

To work with accounts, choose Accounts in the navigation panel on the left of the window.

Here you can:

  • Create a new account.
  • Find and display existent accounts.
  • Control client's balance, add payments, define possibilities, etc.
  • Delete accounts.

Accounts panel

To view created accounts in the results panel and proceed the work with them, specify the corresponding search parameters. How to fulfill a search...

In the table of results you see accounts' names and creators. Learn more about managing tables...

Click on any account in the table to see its properties. The dialog contains several tabs described above. Their number depends on account configuration and modules you have in your service.

By default, only the General tab is available. There you can change only account's name. To activate other tabs (Payment, Statistics, Features, Account), it is needed that a billing plan were assigned to the account.

Further information:

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