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This tab can be available only if you have activated the Billing module.

The Features tab allows to manage the number of available units, SMS, geofences and other system objects, as well as enable or disable access to different services such as retranslator, mobile site, jobs etc. The complete list of features is given below.

On this tab you see the list of services available according to chosen billing plan.

On the left you see service name, in the middle you indicate limitations and cost, on the right you see current state of the service.

List of Services

Here is the full list of services available in Wialon system. Your Features tab may contain not all of them.

Service Description
Accounts Accounts count (at least one account must be allowed to create)
Advanced reports The possibility to create reports on unit groups and users
Alarms Active alarms count
Connector Authorization through a service connector (Wialon Pro Client)
Custom fields Custom fields allowed for one unit, user or group
Drivers Drivers count
Е-mail reports The possibility to send a report by e-mail (within the Jobs module). Recommended limitation - 10 reports in an hour (to not to overload the server).
Е-mail notifications The possibility to send notifications by e-mail. Recommended limitation - 10 reports in an hour (to not to overload the server).
Geofences Geofences count
Jobs Jobs count
Management site Access to the management site (CMS Manager)
Notifications Notifications count
POI (My Places) POIs count
Report templates Report templates count
Retranslator Transmitting messages from a unit to other servers and systems
Routes Control routes of movement
Service intervals Service intervals allowed for one unit
SMS messages Sending SMS messages
Unit groups Unit groups count
Unit sensors Sensors count (calculated for all units in overall)
Units Units count
Wialon Mobile The possibility to track unit from a mobile phone or PPC (Wialon Mobile)
Wialon Web Access to the monitoring site

Limitations and Cost

In the central column you define service state and enter limitations. Check services to make the available to this account or unselect services to deny access to them. This flag has three states: on, off and default. If the state is on, you can enter quantitative restriction manually, for example, allow only 10 geofences to be created for this account.

Besides, you can specify more sophisticated limitations different cost for different number of items. Cost line is set in the format: COUNTER1:VALUE1;COUNTER2:VALUE2;VALUE3. A counter must be positive and integer (however, values can be fractional). Each next counter must be greater than the previous one.

Here are some examples of cost lines:

Service Cost line Interpretation
SMS messages 1:0;10:1.5;-1 The 1st SMS is free, from 2nd to 10th the cost for one SMS is 1.5 charge units. The 11th SMS is denied.
Units 1:0;5:10;10:3;50:1 The first unit is free, from 2nd to 5th they will cost 10 charge units, from 6th to 10th – 3 charge units, from 11th to infinity – each for 1.
Geofences 5:0;-1 5 geofences can be created for free. The creation of a 6th geofence is prohibited.

In the right column you see the current state of the service (enables/disabled) and, if the state is default, the description of default conditions is given in the brackets.

:!: Note.
If you have not enough rights to view the Features tab, then available services can be viewed (but not altered) on the Account tab.


On the Account tab the chosen billing plan and account balance are indicated, and the list of available features is presented. If a service is periodic (limited number of items in an interval), the interval is indicated. For example, 10 SMS messages in one day (daily).

:!: Note.
The information presented on this tab is available to the end user through the Settings dialog.

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