Monitoring System Design

Your monitoring system can have a unique design (colors, logo, copyright, title, etc.).

Page Title in Browser

To substitute the standard title for your custom, in the configuration file config.txt set the value WIALON_WEB_TITLE, for example:

WIALON_WEB_TITLE=Welcome to our service

The standard copyright is Gurtam. To substitute it for your own, use two variables:

  • WIALON_WEB_COPYRIGHT_TEXT - the text at the bottom center of the page.
  • WIALON_WEB_COPYRIGHT_URL - the hyperlink for this text, opens in a new window.
  • WIALON_WEB_WEBGIS_COPYRIGHT - the copyright text for WebGIS (displayed in the left bottom corner of the map).



To set your logo on the login page, replace the file logo.png in custom/skins/your_skin/images/login with your own.

To change the standard logo located in the top panel (in the left corner), replace the file logo-inside.png in the directorycustom/skins/your_skin/images/logo.

Replacing Sounds

Sounds can be played when new notifications or messages from driver come.

To change a melody for notifications, a wave file named notify.wav should be placed to the folder custom/skins/your_skin/sounds/notify_online.

To change a melody for messages, a wave file named response.wav should be placed to the custom/skins/your_skin/sounds/unit_cmds_response.

Supported formats for sounds are wav, ogg, mp3. Different browsers can interpret such or such format. That is why convert your sound file into all three formats to get sound notifications in any browser you use.

Product Author's Information

:!: In the system login page as well as at the right top corner of the main window Wialon logo is placed . It cannot be removed or replaced. If you hover the logo, the tooltip Powered by Wialon is displayed. This logo is not the link to the site of the product developer.

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