Wialon Configuration

Configuration parameters are mostly adjusted in the file ./custom/config.txt. The file is in UTF-8 format (without BOM), that is why be attentive while editing it in Windows OS. As an editor for this file in Windows, we recommend Notepad ++.

Variable values are adjusted in the following way:

  • <variable> = <value>
  • <variable> = <$variable + additional value>

An example of the file:

# Email notifications from address
AVL_NOTIFICATIONS_EMAIL_FROM = noreply@noreply.com
# Email jobs from address
AVL_JOBS_EMAIL_FROM = noreply@noreply.com
# Optional service-wide reports visual configuration file
# CMS Manager site specification
CMS_MANAGER_WEBSERVER = cms_manager:8023:*
# Wialon Web site specification
WIALON_WEB_WEBSERVER = wialon_web:8022:*
WIALON_WEB_EMAIL_FROM = noreply@noreply.com
# Net server allowing network clients access
# SMTP server configuration
ADF_SMTP_SERVER = localhost
# GIS network server configuration
ADF_GIS_NET_REMOTE_SERVER = mapsviewer.com
# Wialon Admin site specification
AVL_ADMIN_WEBSERVER = avl_admin:8021:*
# Communications server configuration
ADF_AVL_COMM_SERVER = local:0:0:1

:!: Note:
When reinstalling the system or installing updates, the installer does not replaces this file by original distribution files so that not losing your changes.

In the following sections Wialon configuration is described in details:

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