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All Wialon Pro products include an embedded WebGIS-3 server. All address information for online tracking and reports is taken only from this WebGIS. Wialon system deals with vector maps in the proper closed format AVD. Maps in AVD format are located in the maps directory. After adding or deleting maps, the service automatically detects changes within several seconds. Precompiled maps in AVD format are available here.

The size of RAM needed for normal operation of GIS is in direct proportion to the size of maps used. On average, GIS subsystem requires 512MB + 2*<total size of all maps files>.


This is a set of variables which can be added to your configuration file custom/config.txt.

Variable Description
WIALON_WEB_DEFAULT_POS Set the default map position and zoom when the monitoring site is opened. Enter latitude, longitude, and zoom level, separating them by colon (for example, WIALON_WEB_DEFAULT_POS = 55.739162:49.199269:9).
WIALON_WEB_GOOGLE_CLIENT Google Maps paid key.
WIALON_WEB_WEBGIS_COPYRIGHT If you use your own WebGIS maps, enter copyright text for them here. See Creating Maps to learn how to create maps.
WIALON_WEB_YANDEX_KEYS Keys to activate Yandex Maps for different URLs. To use these maps, get the key. How to set the value for this variable is described below.
WIALON_WEB_YANDEX_DEFAULT If the value is on and Yandex Maps keys are available, these maps will be enabled by default.
WIALON_WEB_NAVTEQ_KEYS The variable to activate Navteq Maps. :!: This service is not available at the moment because of changes in key format.
WIALON_WEB_REGIO_KEYS The variable to activate Regio Maps (the Baltic region). To use this map, get the key.
WIALON_WEB_REGIO_DEFAULT If the value is on and Regio keys are available, this map will be enabled by default.
WIALON_WEB_VISICOM_KEYS The variable to activate Visicom Maps (Ukraine). To use this map, get the key.
WIALON_WEB_VISICOM_DEFAULT If the value is on and Visicom key is available, this map will be enabled by default.
WIALON_WEB_GIS2_DEFAULT If the value is on or 1, the map 2GIS will be available.
WIALON_WEB_MYINDIA2_DEFAULT If the value is on or 1, the map MyIndia will be available.

Yandex Maps

The variable WIALON_WEB_YANDEX_KEYS contains keys for proprietary cartographic systems linked to a certain URL.

For example, clients connect to Wialon Web server from two different URLs: and To activate Yandex Maps, get activation keys for both URLs and enter them in the configuration file using the following scheme:

WIALON_WEB_YANDEX_KEYS = <dns1<:port>> <KEY for dns1> <dns2> <KEY for dns2> ...

The result will be like this:


Note that:

  • DNS addresses are set without http: prefix;
  • If you use the standard port (80), it is not required to indicate it.

If the keys are entered correctly, the option to enable Yandex Maps will appear in the User Settings dialog (in the monitoring site).

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