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General Variables

Here are the parameters to configure devices connection and storage system. How parameters are set, read in Wialon Configuration.

Variable Description
ADF_AVL_HW_BIND_ADDR Network interface to listen to devices connections. For example, “ADF_AVL_HW_BIND_ADDR = interface_IP”. Default value is '*', which means 'any interface'.
ADF_AVL_COMM_SERVER Communication server configuration. The format to set the parameter:
<comm-server-name>:<avl-server-host>:<avl-server-port>:<scan-hw_dir>. Default value is '31189'. The parameter scan-hw-dir is optional (by default, its value is '0'). It means enabling autoscanning of new devices types when the system is being initialized.
WIALON_AUTO_CREATE_UNITS If the value is '1', unit which does not exist in the system but sends messages, will be automatically created.
ADF_STORAGE_PATH The path to storage files. Default directory is ./storage (in root directory).
ADF_AVL_UNIT_HISTORY_PERIOD The period to store unit history (in days). Used for database servers only. If not set or the value is '0', unit history is not deleted automatically.
WIALON_DISKSPACE_CHECKER A variable to control free space on the disk with storage. For example, if the variable value is ${ADF_ROOT_PATH}/storage/pd,30G,alert;${ADF_ROOT_PATH}/storage/pd,20G,stop, then when 30GB is left, you will receive an e-mail notification about it, and when 20GB is left, the server will be stopped. By default, the variable is enabled. To disable it, remove it from the configuration file.
WIALON_DISKSPACE_EMAIL_FROM E-mail from which to send a warning about insufficient disk space.
WIALON_DISKSPACE_EMAIL_TO Destination e-mail to send a warning about insufficient disk space.
ADF_SMTP_SERVER SMTP server address is set in the form <host>:<port>. This server is used to send messages from software. By default, the local computer and the port 25 are used.
:!: SMTP server must maintain the operation without authentication from monitoring server IP address.
ADF_STORAGE_NET_SERVER For Wialon Pro Client only. Set the port and network interface address to listen connections by the form <port>:<IP address>. IP address can be skipped to listen on all local network interfaces. Default port is 31188. :!: To initialize server part in the trusted mode to any connected user (that is the authorization is not required), the third parameter set as '1' is needed, for example, '31188:*:1'.
ADF_STORAGE_NET_REMOTE_SERVER For Wialon Pro Client only. Set the port and network interface address where Wialon Pro is located (main database). The format is: <port>:<IP address>. Default port is 31188.
ADF_STORAGE_PROTECTED_PROP_READING Protected reading of objects' properties: 1 – on, 0 – off.
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