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Upgrade from Previous Versions

Upgrade from Wialon Pro 1106 to Wialon Pro 1301 was described above. The upgrade procedure from 1101 or 1006 is more complicated.

The procedure is rather complicated. That is why we recommend to purchase technical support of Unlimited level to let our specialists fulfill the task correctly and in the shortest possible time. Beforehand, agree on the schedule of upgrade with our technical specialist.

Significant Changes

Wialon Pro 1301 incorporates several considerable changes in functionality in comparison with previous versions. Study them attentively before purchasing and installing 1301:

  • External WebGIS server is not supported anymore. Wialon Pro 1301 works only with embedded WebGIS server.
  • Wialon Pro 1301 can be installed only on Linux-based operation systems, the 2.6 kernel, and 64-bit architecture (x86_64).
  • Backup system is available only in the form of separate backup server that is a paid module. We strongly recommend to purchase this module to protect your tracking system from any hardware and software failures.
  • Message database has to be upgraded from the format v1 to the format v2. Depending on database size, it can take from a couple of minutes to several days. The upgrade can be performed in the 'hot mode', that is while Wialon is working. Database upgrade is strongly recommended because an old database in the format v1 cannot be synchronized to the backup server and cannot participate in various optimization processes.
  • Interface of the monitoring site has changed dramatically, so your personal designs should be reviewed and accorded to the new layout.

Installing Upgrades

  1. Download the newest distribution of Wialon Pro 1301 from Gurtam Distro Area and unzip it.
  2. Stop the current Wialon Pro 1101 or 1006 process, clean tmp directory, and make backups of all other directories.
  3. Install the new distribution on top of the existing one. If you have purchased new functional modules, you may need to configure them in the file custom/config.txt according to variables described above. As a way to identify these variables, you can answer yes to the question Install custom configuration (folder) and then view in your new custom/config.txt all new variables. In this case, be careful and do not forget to recover custom directory before the first start.
  4. Delete storage/pcache.bin file (if it exits).

Then go through these steps to upgrade your database:

  1. Set the variable WIALON_1106_UPGRADE = 1 in custom/config.txt.
  2. Start Wialon in the debug mode (./adf_script debug command). In the console you will see how data representation of different modules is upgrading.
  3. When the process of step 2 is completed, stop Wialon Pro 1301 by pressing <enter>.
  4. Remove the variable WIALON_1106_UPGRADE = 1 from custom/config.txt.

Then start your upgraded Wialon Pro in the normal mode. Check the file logs/error.log for errors. If there are any, stop Wialon immediately and contact Gurtam technical support service.

The most common error occurring after updating is a problem with license (in this case Wialon does not start). Make sure your Wialon Pro is able to connect to the license server.

Message Database Conversion to v2

Message database transfer from v1 to v2 is made in the 'hot mode', that is while Wialon is working. While the migration is being performed, users can operate their units, generate reports, build tracks, receive notifications, etc. However, storage system speed may go down because of active operations with the hard drive.

Before the conversion, it is advisable to set additional variable in the file /custom/storage.cfg before starting Wialon:

# cache size in MB, must be power of two
msgs.cache.size = 512
# max number of locks allowed
msgs.cache.maxlocks = 100000
# disable defragmentation
msgs.defrag.interval = 0

After database conversion is complete, it is better to delete these variables and restart Wialon.

The conversion is made through a web interface. Copy the file plugins/avl_server/migratev2.html to the directory sites/avl_admin/www/.

The conversion script will be available at <admin_site_URL>/migratev2.html. Follow the link to observe the migration current state and get possibility to stop/start it at any moment.

The migration can be stopped only when all data from the active object has been transferred. Depending on the number of messages, conversion of one unit can take several minutes. With SAS 15K drive and RAID-10 array, the speed of conversion is approximately a million messages in a minute. It is prohibited to stop Wialon when the conversion is running.

After the process is complete, you can delete the file sites/avl_admin/www/migratev2.html, remove unnecessary configuration settings of storage system described above, and restart Wialon.

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