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Wialon Pro 1301 Releases

The newest Wialon Pro version for the moment is version 1301 issued on March 4, 2013.

Wialon Pro 1301 R2

April 2, 2013

  1. Interface items like buttons, icons etc. updated.
  2. Tooltips added to some buttons.
  3. Icon libraries updated for units, POIs, and unit groups.
  4. Track rendering optimized.
  5. Now the top panel (the white one) can be hidden. Just click below it, on the modes panel. Do the same to return the top panel to its usual place.
  6. A new standard skin is now available. It is called 'classic' because it is based mainly on grey colours and in its appearance it is very similar to Wialon Pro 1106. To apply the new skin, set the variable WIALON_WEB_SKIN = classic.
  7. A problem with premature change to summer time in several European countries has been solved.
  8. Errors in billing subsystem has been fixed (now creation of two services with the same names is banned).
  9. A minor error occurring when exporting a report on drivers to a PDF file has been fixed.

Some new controllers were supported: DTK-53, GLONASS Storozh New, Oner CT02, Unireach UC005.

Wialon Pro 1301 R3

May 21, 2013

  1. 2GIS map supported.
  2. Error in calculating geofence area in reports has been fixed.
  3. Mistakes in SMS count method have been corrected.
  4. A variable to abort report execution by timeout has been added (ADF_AVL_REPORTS_DURATION_LIMIT).
  5. An error appearing on the action of creating retranslators with the same names has been fixed.
  6. Scale rule which is situated in the bottom left-hand corner of the map now shows the correct distance depending on current latitude.

New types of devices supported: Jointech JT600C, ASC, GlobalSat GTR-128 GLONASS, Ivanglonassov MSP350, Leadway TKV118, Itrac Series.

Wialon Pro 1301 R4

July 30, 2013

  1. New version of database – Oracle BerkeleyDB 6.
  2. Ability to import/export accounts has been added. It allows you to move accounts from one server to another in order to distribute the load among them.
  3. Administrator's automatic cron jobs have been improved.
  4. Retranslation through Granit Navigator has been upgraded according to the newest version of the protocol.
  5. Retranslation through Wialon IPS now supports alarm messages.
  6. Icon library for units has been updated.
  7. Ability to add description when creating an account now exists in Remote API.
  8. Now creating units and drivers with same phone numbers is impossible.
  9. Long messages from drivers are displayed correctly now.
  10. The service 'Drivers' is now displayed in User Settings ⇒ Account.
  11. In the Trips table, a duplicated section with speed filter has been deleted.
  12. Errors in access to accounts have been corrected.
  13. Errors occurring when creating geofences have been fixed.
  14. Calendar has been fixed.

New types of devices supported: OBD2 5100S, Ledesma, PomCell, Arknav CT-X8, RadioSecure SLM, Senseit S7, Almaz-02.

Wialon Pro 1301 R5

August 16, 2013

  1. A new map layer has been added – Yandex Public Map.
  2. Now sensor visibility (in unit tooltip, etc.) is adjustable, together with the sequence order of unit's sensors (observe new options in Unit Properties dialog on the Sensors tab).
  3. Drivers counter is now displayed in User Settings on the Account tab.
  4. Retranslation protocol EGTS has been updated.
  5. Problems with MyIndia Map have been fixed.
  6. Retranslation by Granit Navigator v6 is now possible using the old version of the protocol (may be needed for compatibility with certain kinds of software).

New types of devices supported: Bitrek BI 310, Robotrack, Riti SLS-00886, Riti SLS-012SF.

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