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 [[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=sls_012sf|Riti SLS-012SF]]. ​ [[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=sls_012sf|Riti SLS-012SF]]. ​
 +===== Wialon Pro 1301 R6 =====
 +// November 18, 2013 //
 +  - A special script has been developed to distribute messages over database files.  ​
 +  - License operations have been modified. ​
 +  - Retranslation protocols Granit Navigator, Skaut and EGTS have been updated.
 +  - 3G modem HUAWEI E150 has been supported. ​
 +  - New version of avd_mapper has been introduced. ​
 +  - AJAX requests for reverse geocoding have been added (SDK).
 +  - A new map layer has been added -- Luxena (Ukraine). ​
 +  - Yahoo India Maps have been deleted.
 +  - Minor bugs have been fixed in rendering POIs and geofences on map. 
 +  - In the Summary table, problems with custom sensors have been fixed. ​
 +  - Calculation of mileage in trips has been synchronized in different tabular reports. ​
 +  - In the tables of thefts and fillings, calculation of initial and final fuel level has been corrected. ​
 +  - AJAX requests for setting timezone and language for a report generation have been changed (SDK).
 +  - Sending and receiving images by GPS Tag protocol have been optimized.
 +  - Problems with sorting sensors in unit tooltip as well as in messages mode have been fixed. ​
 +  - In the Unit Properties dialog, sensors with long descriptions are now displayed correctly. ​
 +  - A feature to select all items at once has been implemented for the situation when importing unit properties from a file (ctrl + click). ​
 +  - Showing route statuses in the Monitoring panel has been corrected. ​
 +New types of devices supported: ​
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=amity_vta5700|Amity VTA 5700]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​tracker.html?​id=mt90|TwinMask MT90]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​mobile.html?​id=gps_tag_pro|GPS Tag Pro]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=genesis|Genesis S05]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​tracker.html?​id=zxs_series|ZXS Series]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=elita|Elita GSW CAN]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=novitech|Novitech 3S-8U2GX]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=queclink_gv500|Queclink GV500]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=stab_liner|Stab Liner]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​tracker.html?​id=sn5001|SN 5001]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=gryphon_mini|Gryphon MINI]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=skywave_idp700|SkyWave IDP-700]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​tracker.html?​id=gotop_tl201|GOTOP TL-201]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​tracker.html?​id=g19|Rilla G19]],
 +[[http://​gurtam.com/​en/​gps_tracking/​gps_hardware/​auto.html?​id=arnavi_pro|Arnavi PRO]].
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