Minimum Server Requirements

Wialon Pro has a number of requirements for software and server hardware.

Supported Browsers

Supported browsers are:

  • Mozilla Firefox 12+
  • Opera 10+
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Google Chrome 11+

For Internet Explorer, it is recommended to install Chrome Frame plugin that is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP SP2.

If you use a browser not mentioned above, Wialon may function incorrectly.

Software Requirements

Wialon Pro can be installed on 64-bit (x86_64, amd64) Linux OS with 2.6 kernel. Almost all versions of Linux are suitable, Debian and the like are recommended.

Hardware Requirements

Hardware platform requirements directly depend on the number of units and users you are going to have in your tracking service, as well as on tasks posed. Below you see the set of requirements (GIS system is not taken into account).

Remember that using maps of embedded GIS servers causes additional requirements to RAM. The approximate calculation scheme is as follows: 512 MB plus all maps in AVD format taken with 2 coefficient. It means to use maps of cities and local regions 3 GB of RAM is needed, and to use maps for all USA, Russia, and the like – over 10 GB.

To define the amount of disk space needed note that a typical message from a unit occupies about 300 bytes.

Minimum requirements to server:

  1. CPU: Core 2 Duo(Quad), issued not later than 2009
  2. RAM: from 4 GB
  3. HD: MD (software-based) RAID-1 array, 2x500GB SATA

More specifically, it depends on number of units you are going to track:

Units Requirements
100-500 CPU: Quad Core Xeon L5420 and higher
RAM: 16 GB
HD: MD (software-based) RAID-10 array, 4x500GB SATA
500-1000 CPU: Quad Core Xeon E5520 and higher
RAM: 24 GB
HD: hardware-based RAID-10 array, 8×500 GB SATA, or 4x1000GB SATA
1000-5000 CPU: 2x Quad Core Xeon E5520 and higher
RAM: 48 GB
HD: hardware-based RAID-10 array, 8×300 GB SAS 15K
5000-10000 CPU: 2x Quad Core Xeon E5620 and higher
RAM: 48 GB
HD: hardware-based RAID-10 array, 8×600 GB SAS 15K

For efficient server operation we recommend to use the following Internet channel width (from server):

  • up to 5 users – 2 MBit/s
  • up to 100 users – 10 MBit/s
  • over 100 users – 100 MBit/s

Wialon server requires static IP address to receive data from units.

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