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Operation under Ordinary User

For security reasons Wialon monitoring service can be configured in such a way that it would work under an ordinary user (for example, wialon or wialon group), and not under root. It is needed to create for this user:

wialon-pro:~# adduser wialon

Then correct system settings to give this user possibility to work with a greater number of file than it is provided by defaults. To do this, add to the file /etc/security/limits.conf the following:

wialon             hard    nofile         32768
wialon             soft    nofile         16384

Let us assume, we installed the distribution to the directory /home/wialon/wialon-pro. To provide our user the full access to the service, make it the owner of the following directory:

chown -R wialon:wialon /home/wialon/wialon-pro

Regardless under which user the service is started, it is required that the service worked under wialon user or group. To do so, write the following in the file /home/wialon/wialon-pro/custom/

# Optional environment configuration for launching Wialon as system service

# Uncomment following and insert correct user and group name if you like to launch Wialon not as root user. Be sure that specified user has full control over installation directory:
ADF_USER="--user wialon"
ADF_GROUP="--group wialon"

After that, the servoce can be started by the command /home/wialon/wialon-pro/adf_script start.

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