Installation and First Steps

Wialon Installation Procedure

Before installing Wialon, it is recommended to read recommendations on configuring your file system and minimum requirements.

First of all, unzip the distribution using the tar command. In the example below, this command is applied to 1106r1 distribution:

tar xzf wialon-pro_1106r1_l64.tgz

After this action, the directory wialonb3_install will appear. Here run installation script

cd wialonb3_install

Root rights are not required for installation, but the default directory /var/lib/wialonb3 assumes that an ordinary user has no edit rights. However, for correct installation of automatic administrator's scripts, log files rotation system, and unattended startup of the service it is desirable to run installation as root user.

Root rights are neither required for normal service operation. In case you need port numbers under 1024, you can use reverse proxy server: nginx, lighttpd or Apache.

Installation wizard will ask you some questions. If you install Wialon for the first time, it is recommended to leave default settings. At the end, the installation wizard will show you the adjusted configuration and will do installation.

Welcome to Wialon B3 installation script.
Please answer few questions before starting actual installation. Provide empty answers to use defaults.

Where would you like to install Wialon B3? [/var/lib/wialonb3]
Wialon B3 dependencies need to be downloaded and unpacked. This operation is performed only once for each service installation and can take some time, so please wait patiently.
Enter HTTP or local directory path that contain archived Wialon B3 dependencies file adf-dep-3.1.1-l64.tgz []
Install custom configuration (folder)? [yes]
Where would you like to install Wialon B3? [/var/lib/wialonb3] 
Install custom configuration (folder)? [no] yes
Install periodic administrative jobs (in current user crontab)? [no] yes
Install Wialon B3 log rotation script (into /etc/logrotate.d/wialonb3) [no] yes

OK, now is time to perform Wialon B3 installation. Check all parameters below are correct:

    Wialon B3 will be installed in:                  /var/lib/wialonb3

    Install user custom configuration folder:        yes
    Install Wialon B3 as system service:             no
    Install Wialon B3 cron jobs:                     yes
    Install Wialon B3 log rotation script:           yes
    Use ADF dependencies from:             

Are all parameters correct? [yes]
Creating directories...
Downloading/Copying packed ADF dependencies file adf-dep-3.1.1-l64.tgz
           => `/var/lib/wialonb3/adf-dep-3.1.1-l64.tgz'
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 7,019,076 (6.7M) [application/x-gtar]

100%[====================================================================================================================================>] 7,019,076      9.25M/s

08:53:37 (9.23 MB/s) - `/var/lib/wialonb3/adf-dep-3.1.1-l64.tgz' saved [7019076/7019076]

Copying files and directories...
Installing Wialon B3 as system service...
Installing Wialon B3 cron jobs...
Installing Wialon B3 log rotation script...

Wialon B3 installation finished successfully. Read documentation for further instructions.

Server can be used as default init.d script. After loading environment (if using /etc/init.d/ script preloading environment is not required) as described above you may:

To start server in debug (not forked) mode with logging to stdout (press Enter to stop): /etc/init.d/wialonb3 debug
To start server in normal mode with logging to /var/lib/wialonb3/logs: /etc/init.d/wialonb3 start
To stop server in normal mode: /etc/init.d/wialonb3 stop

Log files located in /var/lib/wialonb3/logs directory always contain maximum information regarding service errors or status.

If this is the first installation, select to Install custom configuration for the ./custom folder to be created. It will have then standard contents. If installing updated, do not select this option in order to save your configuration settings.

:!: Important! If the service will be started by a user with limited access rights, add the user/group to a trust group to avoid possible conflicts. To do this, in the file ./custom/ comment in the variables ADF_USER or ADF_GROUP and enter user/group that will obtain full rights to the directory where Wialon is installed.

#ADF_USER="--user some-user"
#ADF_GROUP="--group some-user-group"

Starting Wialon

Before starting Wialon, it is required to set up some variables in the configuration file ./custom/config.txt (ADF_DISKSPACE_CHECKER, WIALON_DISKSPACE_EMAIL_FROM and WIALON_DISKSPACE_EMAIL_TO). They are needed to monitor free disk space. More...

To start Wialon, see instructions in the installation script. Usually, it is /etc/init.d/wialonb3 start.

After the installation special configuration of Linux may be needed. For more details, see System Configuration.

Default Ports

After the first installation, you can get the access to your service through a web browser via the following ports (numbers by default):

Port Site Description
8021 Administration site Access for users in the group of administrators.
8022 Monitoring site Working application. Contains the map. Use the default login wialon and password wialon to enter the site.
8023 Management site Access for users from the group of managers. Here the accounts are created.
8024 Mobile site A light version of the monitoring site to access the service form a PPC or mobile phone.
8025 Wialon ActiveX Port to connect to Wialon ActiveX.

In other words, if you are on the server, your administration site is accessible through the link http://localhost:8021 or http://server>IP:8021.


During the first start, a password will be reset for the user admin to enter the administration site. Besides, the user wialon with the password wialon and the account wialon for this user will be automatically created. This user can be used to enter the monitoring site. It is recommended to change the password for this user. All this will be registered in the log:

2008/12/29 17:06:25:916: Performing initial setup for Wialon site
2008/12/29 17:06:25:916: Updating initial password for admin user to: GbykVFGtFG
2008/12/29 17:06:25:917: Created user 'wialon'
2008/12/29 17:06:25:917: adf_avl_create_resource('wialon')
2008/12/29 17:06:25:917: Created resource 'wialon'


For any diagnostics of system operation, see the log files trace.log, service.log, and error.log which are located in the logs directory.


Wialon may require more resources when it comes to the constantly increasing number of messages from units. In this case, the following can be done:

  • to increase the allowed number of open files descriptors, write ulimit -n 20000 in ./custom/ file;
  • to increase the allowed number of protocols, set the variable ADF_MAX_THREADS_COUNT = 100 in ./custom/config.txt file.