Directory Structure

The general structure of Wialon directories:

  • custom - the directory containing your custom configuration;
    • skins - the directory with your custom design of the monitoring system (if you are using not a default skin);
    • hw - the directory with scripts needed to work with devices different from the standard package and unique for the given service);
    • custom.txt - :!: the file of your custom Wialon Configuration;
  • dep – the directory containing system libraries needed for Wialon operation;
  • lib – the directory of main libraries;
  • logs – the directory containing log files:
    • service.log - main log;
    • trace.log - trace log;
    • error.log - all errors from trace log which contain the text 'error';
    • and an individual log for each device type and for modems;
  • plugins – the directory with plugins;
  • scripts – the directory with the main scripts;
  • sites – the directory for sites;
  • maps – the directory for maps;
  • storage – the directory containing database;
    • pd - database for units and their properties;
    • pl - database transactions log for units and their properties;
    • ps - database statistics on units and their properties;
    • md - messages database;
    • ml - transactions log for messages database;
    • ms - statistics on messages database;
  • tmp - the directory with temporary files.

User is allowed to make changes in custom directory only. By default, when the software is updated, only this directory is not replaced with original files from the distribution.

The file wialon-version.txt in the root directory contains all information on distribution: agreement, license, modules, and version.