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User Groups

Two groups are created by default while installing the service - Administrators and All Users. They cannot be deleted. All newly created users are added to All Users group automatically.

User Groups

To create a new group, press Create User Group button.

User group properties

Enter a name for the group and select users to form it (add users from the left column to the right). Then press OK button.

To edit a group, click on its name. In the group properties dialog you can change the name of the group or add/remove users to/from it.

To delete a group, press the delete button against its name. Deleting a group does not mean deleting users which belongs to this group.

Access right to user group are assigned in the same way as for separate users. See Access Management for details. If a right is assigned to a group, it means that it is applied to all abjects which belong to this group. However, if higher access was given earlier to a certain user, this high level will be preserved.

When editing groups never delete yourself from the group of administrators because you will lose the right to enter admin site.

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