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Unit Groups

Unit group is a unity including several units which have something in common. In many cases it is convenient to operate a group of units instead of performing an action over each unit individually. For example, you can assign access rights to a whole group at once.

Unit Group Properties

To edit a group, just click on its name in the table. To create a group, press Create Unit Group button.


Enter a name for the group and assign a creator. Choose units from the list to be included to the group. Select unit in the list on the left and move it to the right by pressing the Add button. To exclude an object from a group, select the object in the list on the right and press the Remove button.

If ACL propagated property is activated, units in the group will inherit access rights assigned here. If the flag is set and an object is included to the group, in unit properties this group will be mentioned. If the flag is not set, the group will be not indicated in unit properties, however the unit will be a part of the group.

:!: Attention! After a group is created, it is impossible to change ACL propagation.

Child Groups

Here you can indicate that some other groups belong to this one.


On the Icon tab you see the image that is currently used for the group. You can also load another image (press Browse, select an image file, and then press Upload). You may reset the image to defaults by using empty file field and pressing Upload. The changes are applied after pressing OK.


  • delete – delete group.
  • accessors – manage access to the group. Access rights are assigned in the same way as for users (see Access Management for details).
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