Administration Site

Administration site is accessible only for users who are administrators of the server. The site helps to manage the service: create, delete, restore system objects, inquire and receive information about the service, read system logs.

Service administrator is a user who configures the service and manages it. This is the only user who can create billing plans. An administrator, like a manager, can create users, accounts, and units, but the main administrator's job is to create a source account with its billing plan and create users-managers.

Login and Logout

To login to the administration site, use your login name and password. Put a check mark near Remember on this computer if needed, and press OK.

Login page

If you have forgotten the password, you can get a new one. To do this, add the variable WIALON_RESET_ADMIN_PASSWORD = 1 to the configuration file. After that, when you restart the service, a new password will be reset to the log. After applying the new password, do not forget to delete the variable or set its value as 0.

To logout from the site, press logout item (the last item in the main menu). This action will guide you back to the login page.

Site Structure

The structure of the site is simple and intuitively clear. On the top of the page there is the main menu which is a set of links (17 items).

The main menu

Click on these links to manage the corresponding elements of the service. Find details in the topics listed below:

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