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Resources (Accounts)

On this page you define possibilities available to each user. If a user is not attached to a resource, this user will be not allowed to create objects like geofences, POI, drivers, etc.

Resources page

Creating a Resource

To create a resource, push Create Resource button.

Resource properties dialog

In the dialog enter a name and select a creator. A creator is required for resource to activate a billing plan.

Account and Billing Plan

When a resource is created, to view or edit its properties, click on its name in the table. On several tabs the information about geofences, POI, jobs, notifications, reports, and other objects is presented. You can view lists of objects created by users attached to this resource and delete these objects as needed.

When viewing a resource after its creation, a new tab Account may appear in properties dialog (the resource must have a creator). Here you assign billing plan and manage resource activity and balance (make payments, block, etc.).

Resource Properties Dialog: Account Tab

To apply a billing plan to the resource, select a plan in the dropdown list and press Activate account button.

On the account tab you define Billing plan applied to the resource and Parent plan if needed. Parent plan is a plan of higher level of hierarchy. If some service is blocked in parent plan, it automatically becomes unavailable in dependant plans.

Define balance and/or days to automatically limit user's activity in case of nonpayment. Block balance is a balance to deny access to services and stop account operation. Deny balance is a balance block paid operations to user.

Minimum days counter works automatically and independently of balance controller. If it is activated, the account can be blocked automatically not only when the balance is 0, but also if there are no days left. It can be useful for demo access, for example, or to control monthly fee. In the field Minimum days counter indicate the number of days to block the account (if nothing is indicated, zero is assumed). However, you can enter another number, usually negative (like -3). In this case, the account will be still available several days even when the term is expired. Days are counted down automatically when a new day comes. When 5 days are left, a special warning starts to come each time when the user logs in to the site: Your account will be disabled in .. days. When days are negative, this notification is not shown.

When you make a payment, you can add not only money but days. When this period is over, account is blocked even if the balance is enough. You can block the account manually marking Is blocked check box.

Below you see the current Balance and Days counter showing how much days left to zero.

On the same tab you can add a payment or/and days. Enter amount, days, description, and press Perform. Changes in the balance will be seen when you open this dialog next time.

Support nested concerns accounts. If nested accounts are allowed, dependent accounts can be created, and they can have different billing plan. If nested accounts are not supported, all account created on this resource will be like a part of the current account and will use its billing plan.

The services and their costs are inherited from the billing plan, but you can precise them in the Services table below as needed.

If nested accounts are supported, the tab Billing Plan becomes available (reload the dialog if not). Here you define which billing plans are available to resource creator. The creator then could assign these billing plans to accounts when creating them.


The following actions can be performed over a user as system object:

  • delete - delete resource.
  • accessors - manage access to the resource. Access rights are assigned in the same way as for users (see Access Management for details).
  • show_msgs - show messages concerning the resource: notifications, balance or payments. Choose messages type, indicate time interval and press Show.

Table of Payments

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