Top Panel

There is a logo of CMS Manager system in the left corner of a top panel. The right side of the top panel contains the following elements:

  • number of days till account blocking (displayed in green, though to be turned red when the number of days left reaches 0);
  • 'Apps' button — opens the list of available applications;
  • current time (time zone in brackets);
  • login (right corner) — a name used to enter the management system (another login can be displayed in brackets if the main user is acting as another user).

If the current time is displayed in red, then server connection loss has occurred. It may be caused by internet connection failure, or by some internal service problems.

:!: Note.
In the top panel you can see the number of days left till the blocking (if blocking by days is activated for the account or the billing plan). For the top account this panel can also display the number of available SMS is a SMS package has been purchased.

User menu

User login is displayed in the right corner of the top panel. Click it in order the additional menu to be opened. The menu contains the following items:

  • User Settings
    Opens the user settings dialog for viewing and/or editing.
  • Import/Export
    Can be used to transfer the settings of units, users, as well as the contents of resources (ref. Import and Export).
  • Manage Applications
    Allows you to view and edit the list of authorized applications, and mobile notifications.
  • Service Hierarchy
    Allows you to view information on the service structure.
  • Help
    Help request. Could be unavailable.
  • Logout
    Button to log out of the system (session termination).

:!: Note.
Additional menu items are available for top users:

  • Conversion — enables transferring some objects from one measurement system to another;
  • Apps Configurator — enables adding applications, and adjusting their settings.

Login as Another User

It is possible to login to the system as another user. To do so, you need to possess the 'Act as given user' right towards a user.

To switch for another user (log in as another user), it is necessary to click on the icon (door with arrow) situated in the top panel to the right of the username. Afterwards the dialog containing the list of available units is opened. You can use filter in order to facilitate a search of a unit. The search is made either by unit name or account name. Click the line of a necessary user to fulfill an authorization in the current tab, or click an icon in the end of the line to do it in a new tab.

There is also an alternative way to log in as another user. Go to the 'Users' tab in the navigation panel. In the table of results click on the 'Login as' icon in the corresponding line.

After authorization as another user, the user name is written in brackets to the right of the main one (in the right corner of the top panel). To switch back to the main user, click on the icon (door with arrow) to the right of the name, and confirm your action by pressing OK in appeared window.

Information notices

Information notices from service administrator can appear in the top panel, as well as notices on the number of days left before blocking the tracking system (if stipulated by the tariff agreement). Information notices are shown in the window with a blue outline. For alarm notices a red outline is used.

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