User is a system object defined by its specific name (login) and password. Users can login to Wialon and control their units with the help of different tools and features. Different users can have different access to units and different set of allowed activities. They can create their own geofences, report templates, etc. non-visible to other users.

Working with Users

To work with users, open the Users panel, choosing a corresponding name in the top panel or clicking on the necessary item in the main menu customizer.

On the panel, there is a button to create new users, and a list of available users. For your convenience, the users are arranged by name. If there are many users, use the dynamic filter above the list to easily find them. Use buttons against each user to perform an action over a user:

— The button to login as this user. It is disabled if you do not have enough access privileges. More...
or — Edit or view user's properties (depending on your access). User properties dialog can contain up to five tabs that were described above:

— Create a copy of this user.
— Delete user from the system. If the button is dimmed, it means you have not enough rights to delete it.

Application of Users

If you have access to several users, it affects system in whole. You can create objects under a selected user or within their account. As a rule, the information that a certain object (driver, geofence, unit, etc.) belongs to a certain resource or account is displayed in object's tooltip or properties dialog. Besides, in all panels containing filters, there is an additional filter by user/account (in the form of a dropdown list).

Actions of users in the system are logged. For instance, you can view user's (operator's) chat with driver, learn which commands were sent to units by this user, what alterations this user made to some object properties, what objects created, etc. This functionality is available mainly through reports.

In advanced reports on users you can create the most detailed tables on users' logins and logouts as well as get charts of their activity by hours and days.

Users' access to units can be changed automatically:

Individual settings can be transferred from one user to others. More...

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