Violations are a particular case of events. The report on violations gives the list of violations detected and registered in the unit history.

Violations can be recorded in two ways:

  1. With the help of notifications if Register as violation is selected as an action;
  2. With the help of manually registered custom events if they have the Violation box checked.

To make a report on a particular kind of violations, enter a mask in the report template to filter the text/description of violations (such as *speed*, *accident*, *temperature*, etc.). Only the messages whose text corresponds to the given mask are added to the table.

The following information can be presented in this kind of report:

  • Violation time — the time when the violation happened.
  • Time received — the time when the server received the data.
  • Violation text — the text of the notification or the description of the event.
  • Location — unit location at the moment of violation.
  • Driver — the name of the driver (if identified).
  • Count — the number of violations.
  • Notes — an empty column for your custom comments.

In addition, you can use special markers for this report.

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