To ensure the effective operation of the monitoring system, take into account the limitations stated below.

Limits for reports:

  • The maximum number of lines of a report is 250000.

Limits for tracks:

  • During one session it is not possible to build more than 50 tracks in total in all panels (Tracks, Monitoring, Reports, Messages).

Other limits:

  • It is not possible to create more than 31744 micro objects of each type (geofences, jobs, notifications, drivers, trailers, passengers and report templates) in one resource.
  • The maximum number of points of a geofence saved from a track cannot exceed 10000. If the number of points of a track is more than 10000, it is saved as several geofences.
  • It is possible to edit a geofence if the number of its points does not exceed 5000.
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