General Properties

To create a new billing plan, click on the corresponding button. In the appeared dialog, it is necessary to indicate general parameters of the billing plan. Some of them may be redefined in a particular account separately.

Editing a list of services available to this billing plan is implemented on the Services tab in the properties dialog of a created billing plan.

Billing plan name (from 4 to 50 symbols).

Parent plan
Select the parent (recursive) billing plan, if necessary. If it is assigned, the current billing plan inherits all its properties. These properties can be changed later but considering that the capabilities of a filial billing plan cannot exceed the capabilities of the parent one.

In this field you can introduce the email to be used for sending various system messages (notifications, reports, etc.). Read more about the mail system.

:!: Most mail systems perform special checks for spam messages. They compare original IP address from which the message goes with the MX record of the sender's domain. If MX record is not found, sending messages might be suspended, or the sender's address might be added to the grey list (this eventually might lead to total denial of processing and sending messages). To avoid such situation, when you register your tracking site, make sure that the server address is included in the MX records of your domain.

Block by balance
Enter the balance reaching which the account should be blocked.

Limit by balance
Indicated the balance of accounts, after reaching which certain services, as well as access to the CMS Manager, should be disabled. It works similar to the Limit by balance restriction.

Block by days
Works independently of the Block by balance option. If both of these parameters are adjusted, an account will be blocked when meeting either of set conditions. When the number of days specified in this field remains, the service is blocked automatically. In this case, when 5 days are left, the user begins to receive a warning message at each login to the site: Your account will be disabled in … days.

:!: The three above-mentioned features can be enabled or disabled according to your needs. Usually, their value is zero.

Currency format
Enter a currency sign before or after %.02f.

History period
The period of time during which the system stores the user logs, unit history (messages from the unit), unit log, and so on. You can indicate this time period either in days or months (select from the dropdown list). For example, if the value is 100 days, the messages older than 100 days are deleted automatically. You can also redefine this parameter for every account separately.

:!: If the value 0 is indicated here and in the same field of the the default billing plan settings, the history period is not limited.

Map tags
This field makes sense only if own cartographical service is used by the system. Enter tags of maps that should be available with this billing plan. Separate tags with commas. If the field is empty, it assumes that all default maps will be available.

Tags are indicated in the following way:

  • Map name — an indicated map will be available as main one.
  • '+' symbol is indicated before a map name — an indicated map is enabled in addition to the main one.
  • '-' symbol is indicated before a map name — an indicated map is disabled.

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