Local Communication Gate

:!: Local Communication Gate stops working from 20.01.2020.

Local Communication Gate is a service enabling retransmission of messages from any type of hardware to your Wialon Local server. Data coming from a device is transmitted by the protocol Wialon Retranslator in real-time mode.

To get access to the app, contact Gurtam Help System and provide the following information:

  • external IP address of the server with actual Wialon Local,
  • agreement number (the same as login to the Admininstration Panel).

To start using the service, direct your device to the IP address (check port). Then add a unit in Local Communication Gate and launch retransmission.

To add a new unit to the retranslator, give it a name, indicate device type, IMEI (unique ID) and retransmission IMEI. For existent units, not only these parameters are displayed but also the time of the last message received and the status (being retransmitted or not). Any of these parameters can be used to sort the list of units. Besides, to quickly find a unit, you can use the dynamic filter by name.

Retransmission of a unit can be stopped or restarted at any moment. Apart from that, in the top panel, there is a button to start/stop the process altogether.

Select a unit with a single click to edit its settings. Note that IMEIs cannot repeat within one type of hardware. Duplications are emptied automatically.

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