:!: By default, two sites are available: one of the Wialon Web type and one of the CMS Manager type. More sites can be activated through the License page.

:!: For your first login use the root user's login and password.

There are six types of sites:

  • CMS Manager (management system where accounts, users, units, retranslators are created);
  • Wialon Web (the main tracking interface where the end users monitor their units, generate reports, etc.);
  • Wialon Mobile (a simplified tracking interface for mobile devices);
  • Fleetrun (service for managing the process of vehicle maintenance);
  • NimBus (service for working with passenger transportation);
  • Logistics (service for working with orders).

You can have only one CMS Manager site, however, several Wialon Web (the Extra Site module) and Wialon Mobile sites can be added, each located on its own DNS. Websites of the Wialon Web type can have a personal design (paid option).

The Sites section is a table where for each available site its DNS and type are specified. To open the required site, click on its DNS link.

To configure the site, press the Edit button. For such sites as Wialon Web, CMS Manager, NimBus, Fleetrun and Logistics (if available) additional options are available. In the settings dialog, you can specify an individual site name, add copyrights (the link is displayed in the bottom panel), and apply a personal design.

:!: Note.
After starting (restarting) Wialon Local, all sites are loaded (reloaded) regardless of their previous state.

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