The Status page displays information about the main parameters of the service performance in real time.

General Status Information

The top block displays the general status information about Wialon Local.

Wialon status — the current state of Wialon Local: running or stopped. The duration of the Running status is displayed in the hours:minutes:seconds format.

Units online — the percentage ratio of the number of units online to the total number of the created units. The value in parenthesis is displayed in the x/y format, where x is the number of units online and y is the number of all created units.

Users/Sessions — the number of users created in the system and the number of active sessions at the moment. :!: One user can create multiple sessions.

Messages for the last minute — the number of messages for the last minute. The data is displayed according to three parameters: (requests (the number of messages requests), read, written).

Wialon DB — the total size of the Wialon database.

Messages — the total size of all messages in the Wialon database.

Properties — the total size of all elements and their properties in the Wialon database.

Synchronization cache — the size of the cache used to synchronize the main database with the backup server (if the server is configured). The worse the connection, the larger the cache size.

Fragmentation — the current level of database fragmentation (expressed as a percentage).

Messages cache — the size of the message cache on the disk. The more intense the flow of messages from the equipment, the higher the readings.

Files — the total size of files (icons, pictures, etc.) that are stored in the database.

System info

The System info block displays the usage of available memory and the average processor load.

RAM usage — the amount of RAM in use. It is shown as a percentage in the x/y format, where x is the amount of memory used and y is its total amount. The process indicator for RAM simultaneously shows the data for the Used (darker color) and Cached values.

HDD usage — the amount of disk space in use. It is shown as a percentage in the x/y format where x is the amount of the used space on the disk and y is its total volume. If the value of the used disk space reaches 90%, the administrator receives an alert (the administrator's e-mail is specified on the System page). In addition, if the critical level of free space (5 GB) is reached, the service stops automatically to avoid database corruption. In this case, an e-mail is also sent to the administrator.

CPU usage — the data on CPU usage (expressed as a percentage). The total number of cores of the installed processors is shown in parenthesis.

Load average — server load indicator for the last 1/5/15 minutes.

Disk performance

The Disk performance block displays the data on the intensity of reading, writing and the load on hard disks where the Wialon Local database is located.

For each disk, the information is displayed according to the following parameters:

  • Read — read speed in MB/s.
  • Write — write speed in MB/s.
  • Utilization — disk load as a percentage.

The disks are displayed in the block in accordance with their hierarchy.


The Charts block displays visual information on various characteristics. The time interval is selected in the upper right part of the block.

The table below lists all the charts and the curves available for them.

Chart Curves
Users Users, Sessions
Units Units, Units online
CPU CPU, Load average
Processes Processes
Threads Threads (the total number of all threads in the system), Wialon threads (threads occupied by Wialon), Local threads (threads occupied by the wlocal service)
RAM Total RAM, Used RAM, Cached RAM, Wialon Local RAM
Space Total space, Used space, DB, Messages, Properties, Files, Messages cache, Logs directory, Synchronization cache
DB fragmentation DB Fragmentation
Messages Read messages, Written messages, Messages requests
Disk speed A curve for each disk where the DB is located
Disk IOPS A curve for each disk where the DB is located
Disk utilization A curve for each disk where the DB is located

To enable or disable the display of any curve, click on its name above the chart.

The gaps in some sections of the curves indicate that the wlocal service was stopped at the time intervals to which the curves correspond (for the Users/Units charts, it signals that Wialon was stopped).

When you hover the mouse cursor over the point of the chart, tooltips appear.


A log is displayed at the bottom of each page in the Administration Panel. It displays information about current events that take place in Wialon Local. For instance, about its starting or stopping, availability of updates, components installation, etc. When the page is reloaded, all events are removed from the log.

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