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On this page you can find the basic and the most important parameters of the operation of the service.

Wialon status
Your Wialon Local can be either running or stopped. If it is running, you can also see for how long — in the format hh:mm:ss. The time is zeroed when you restart Wialon.
:!: Wialon can be started/stopped on the 'System' page. It is also restarted when updates are installed.

Units online
This row shows the percentage of online units (figure before slash) relative to all the created units (figure after slash).

Total users
The number of all the users created in the system.

Active sessions
The number of active sessions at the moment. Note that one user can create multiple sessions.

In the 'Last minute activity' section, the database load is shown:

Messages read / written
The number of messages read from the database (first figure) and written to the database (second figure) within the last minute.

Message requests
The number of requests for providing messages that the database received within the last minute.

In the 'System info' section, you can see the following data:

RAM usage
The percentage and the absolute volume of memory being used.

HDD usage
The percentage and the absolute volume of the disk space being used. If 90 and more percent of disk space is reached, a warning is sent to the administrator (whose e-mail is adjusted on the 'System' page). Besides, if the disk usage has reached a critical point (5 GB left), the service will be stopped in order to avoid database damage, and the administrator will be notified about that as well.

The graph shows the dynamics of the service operation for the last 24 hours (or since the last global launch). The blue line represents the number of users, the orange one — units.


The Log is located at the bottom of each page in the Administration Panel. Here current events occurring in the system are reported. For example, Wialon starting and terminating, availability of new updates, installation of components, etc. The log clears when you reload the page.

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