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The amount of available system functionality depends on the configuration of the distributive included in your package.

On this page, you can control your license — see what you already have and activate new components according to your needs. There are three types of components: modules, retranslators, and hardware.

The modules are mostly helpful for extending the possibilities of your service. These can either be new features for the end users (like 'Notifications', 'Fuel Control', 'Advanced Reports', etc.) or an enhancement of the general qualities of the service (like 'Hot Backup', 'Personal Design', 'Extra Site', etc.).

Here you can activate new retranslation protocols for your service.

Here you activate new types of devices to be used in your system. They go in groups according to the manufacturer. This means that purchasing a XYZ hardware you purchase all types of devices produced by the XYZ company. Visit 'GPS Hardware' to find the full list of supported devices and for further information.

In all the blocks, items are sorted alphabetically, however, the purchased items are placed above forming their own sublist. The sorting type can be changed — by current usage, price, or purchase status. Just click on the corresponding column title once (for direct sorting order) or twice (for reverse sorting order). To quickly find a certain item, use the text filter which is located in the header of each of three blocks.

The division of the items by status (purchased or not) can be disabled. Just click on 'Status' in the header twice (unlike other titles, this one has three states — up, down, and none). With sorting by status disabled, you can get the list of items strongly alphabetically or by other criteria.

The activated components have the status Purchased. The components available for purchase have the Add to cart button in their status. Press this button to add new components to your service. The total cost of your purchase is indicated below. When finished, press Buy selected and confirm your actions.

In order the changes to take effect, go to the 'System' page and install the updates. To complete the procedure, Wialon will be automatically restarted. Sometimes you may also need to refresh the page and clear the cache.

Current amount is indicated for such components as units, extra sites, mobiles, and personal designs. When purchasing them, the price is given for one piece, and in case of units — for a package of 25 units.

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