Jobs about Counters

Counters of three types are used in Wialon tracking system: counters of GPRS traffic, mileage, and engine hours. They can be set up in unit properties.

Jobs about counters allow you to automate accounting of mileage, engine hours, and GPRS traffic.

GPRS Traffic Accounting

This job is aimed to:

  1. Automate traffic counter reset;
  2. Store GPRS traffic counter value in unit's history.

For example, you can assign to reset the traffic counter once a month and register each reset with the current value in unit history.

Indicate the status of the option Store counter value in unit history. If the option is activated, each reset is registered in the system, and then you can generate a report on events or report on traffic to see traffic consumption. If the option is not activated, resets are not registered anywhere.

The option Reset GPRS traffic counter is to set the counter to 0 each time when the job is performed.

Mileage Accounting

This kind of job can help you to fulfill control over mileage counter automatically, according to schedule. With this job you can store mileage counter value in unit history, reset mileage counter, set a new value for it, save its value as parameter in data message.

To set a new value or to reset the counter, choose the option Set new value for mileage counter and input the desired value below. The counter will obtain this value each time when the job is executed.

Set the flag Store counter value as parameter of unit data message to save the counter value as parameter in data message. Later on it can be used to get initial and final mileage for trips. It is recommended to store the counter while the unit is parked, for example, once a day at night time.

The option Store counter value in unit history can be used to store current mileage counter value. It is especially recommended if according to the job properties, the counter has to be reset or altered.

Engine Hours Accounting

This is analogue of the previous type of job but it is applied to engine hours sensors.

If you store engine hours sensor as parameter in data message, you can use this parameter to create engine hours sensor on its basis.

:!: Attention!
This types of job can be performed successfully only if at the moment of its execution all necessary rights are OK. The user who is a creator of the resource where the job belongs should have unit ACL flag 'Edit counters'.

Counters' values (traffic, mileage, engine hours) are stored in unit history as registered events, which is needed for creating reports – Events or Chronology. When counter values are stored as parameters, it means new data messages are added to unit database. Those messages bear data message type, and mileage and engine hours are displayed there in meters or feet (depending on unit's properties) and seconds correspondingly.

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