Execute a Command over a Unit

While creating a job of this type, choose a command to be executed from the given list. The list consists of all commands that are configured in selected units (if you have Execute commands rights to these units).

Not all of selected units may be able to execute a chosen command, and it is seen from the indicator:

  • a green sign means that all selected units support this command;
  • a yellow triangle means that not all of selected units can perform it (see details in the tooltip).
    Restrictions can be placed due to access rights or device type used.

For some commands, you should set additional parameters like input/output number, online report interval, etc.
More about executing commands...

:!: Attention!
When the time comes to execute a command as a job, all kinds of rights are checked beforehand. The user who is a creator of a resource where the job belongs should have the following access flags to unit: 'Execute commands' and the set of flags specified in properties of this command.

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