Top Panel

The logo of tracking services provider is situated in the left corner of the top panel and in the right corner you can see the setting menu button and user name under which you have logged in to the system.

The main menu of the program occupies the central part of the top panel. It could contain different elements depending on the settings applied and also on the modules provided.

User Menu

User login is displayed in the right corner of the top panel, under which an authorization has been made. Meanwhile, the other login could be specified in brackets if the main user logged in under the other user's name.

Clicking on the user's name an additional menu appears. It contains the following options:

  • User settings
    Opens the user settings dialog for viewing and/or editing.
  • Switch user
    Enables to login as another user. Could be disabled.
  • Import/Export
    Enables to transfer units' settings, users, resources' contents (refer to Import and Export).
  • Help
    Help request. Could be unavailable.
  • Support
    Technical support request. Could be unavailable.
  • Logout
    Button to log out of the system (session termination).

'Help' and 'Technical support' are links to outside Internet resources containing either documentation or technical support. By default, they are disabled. These options can be activated on the site settings' corresponding tab of administration system.

Information Notices

Information notices from service manager could appear in the top panel under the user's name, as well as notices on the amount of days left before blocking the monitoring system (if stipulated by the tariff agreement).

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