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 ====== Units ====== ====== Units ======
-Unit is a vehicle, equipment, person, pet or any other moving or stationary object that can be monitored ​via GPS tracking system.+A unit is a vehicle, equipment, person, petor any other moving or stationary object that can be monitored ​using satellite monitoring.
-The 'Units' ​panel provides the possibility ​to create ​(including creation from WLP), view, edit, copy, and delete units, export/​import ​their properties and send SMS messages to them.+The //Units// panel is used to create ​new units manually and with the help of WLP files (unit properties import), view, edit, copy, delete units, export their propertiesand send SMS messages to them.
-To work with units, open the 'Units' ​panel by clicking the corresponding name in the [[user/​gui/​top|top panel]] or choosing ​the corresponding ​item in the [[user/​gui/​left#​main_menu_adjustment_and_navigation|main menu customizer]]. ​Afterwards, choose a mode which allows you to work either with units or groups of units. Note that unit creation is available ​in the 'Units' ​mode only, while other options can be used in the 'Groups' ​mode as well.+To work with units, open the //Units// panel by clicking the corresponding name in the [[user/​gui/​top|top panel]] or selecting ​the item in the [[user/​gui/​left#​main_menu_adjustment_and_navigation|main menu customizer]]. ​Two modes are available in the //Units// panel: //Units// and //Groups//. Note that by clicking the //New// button ​in the //Units// mode you create a new unit while in the //Groups// mode you create a new group of units.
 {{  :​units:​web.png?​nolink ​ }} {{  :​units:​web.png?​nolink ​ }}
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