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 ===== Registration of the working interval ===== ===== Registration of the working interval =====
-The working interval can be registered when it is necessary ​to record ​the working ​shift of the trailer ​for the past period ​Click ​on the //​Register ​working ​interval// icon ({{:​icons:​register.png?​nolink}}) to the right of the name of the trailer. In the window that opens, you can view the history of bindings, manually register the shift, and remove bindings+This option allows ​to view the history of bindings, remove them if necessary, and register the  ​shift of the trailer ​manuallyTo perform these actions, click on the //​Register ​work interval// icon ({{: icons: register.png?​ nolink}}) to the right of the trailer ​name. 
 {{ :​trailers:​trailers05.png?​nolink }} {{ :​trailers:​trailers05.png?​nolink }}
-To manually register a working ​intervalclick on the //Register shift// button in the lower left corner of the dialog box. In the //Shift registration//​ windowselect ​the unit andif necessary, specify ​the beginning ​and end intervals ​of the shift (make sure you have previously activated the required option)+To view the history of bindings, specify the required ​interval ​and click //Show//. In the list of bindingsyou can see the unit name, the date and time of each binding and unbinding.
-{{ :trailers:trailers05register.png?nolink }}+You can remove an incorrect binding or unbinding from the list by clicking on the icon {{: iconsdelete.png? nolink}} ​at the end of the line.
-It is possible to specify only the beginning ​or only the end of the shift. For instance, the beginning ​of the interval is set in the calendar ​and its end is recorded automatically at the entrance to the geofence of the garage when the [[user/notify/​notify|notification]] ​of the //​Geofence//​ type with the //Reset trailer// action type is triggeredClick //OK// to finish ​the registration ​of the shift.+:!: You cannot remove ​the last binding ​or unbinding registered in the system. 
 +To register a shift manuallyclick on the //Register shift// button in the lower left corner ​of the dialog box. Next, select ​the unit and specify ​the beginning and/or end of the shiftTo activate ​the field of the shift end, select the check box next to it. 
 +{{ :​trailers:​trailers05register.png?nolink }}
-To view the binding historyset the required interval ​and press //Show//Below appears ​the list with the name of the unit and the date and time of the binding.+When registering a shift manually, the date and time indicated as its beginning and end should be in the past or presentIf you specify ​the beginning and end in the future, ​the shift is registered with the current ​date and time.
-Incorrect binding or unbinding is removed from the list by clicking on the button ​ {{:​icons:​delete.png?​nolink}} at the end of the line.+To finish ​the shift registration,​ click //OK//.
-:!: Similar to the messages from the unit, the last registered binding or unbinding cannot be removed. 
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