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 ====== Tools ====== ====== Tools ======
-To find a necessary toolopen **Tools** dropdown menu, choosing a corresponding name in the [[user/​gui/​top|top panel]] or clicking on the necessary ​item in the [[user/​gui/​left#​main_menu_adjustment_and_navigation|main menu customizer]]. ​ +In Wialon, tools are used for various kinds of calculations. ​To view the list of available toolsclick on the //Tools// button ​in the top right corner of the [[user/​gui/​top|top panel]] or choose ​the required ​item in the [[user/​gui/​left#​main_menu_adjustment_and_navigation|main menu customizer]]. ​The //Tools// menu contains eight items: ​//Track Player////Distance////Area////Address////Routing////Hittest////Nearest units////LBS Detector//. As the ninth item, the //SMS// tool may be presented.
- +
-With a help of such features as //Track Player, Distance, Area, Address, Routing, Hittest, Nearest units, ​and LBS Detector// ​you can measure ​the length of polyline or just a distance between two pointsmeasure an area of any piece of the map, find out the address of some place, get to know the shortest way to a certain destination point, analyze movement tracks, etc+
 {{  :​tools:​tools.png?​nolink ​ }} {{  :​tools:​tools.png?​nolink ​ }}
-To get more accurate measurements, ​observe ​the following ​rules:+To get more accurate measurements, ​follow ​the rules:
   * To add a point, double-click on any place on the map;   * To add a point, double-click on any place on the map;
   * To insert a point, double-click on the segment between two points;   * To insert a point, double-click on the segment between two points;
-  * To delete a point, double-click it; +  * To delete a point, double-click ​on it; 
-  * To change position of a point, click on it and holding ​the left mouse button ​drag to another place on the map.+  * To move a point, click on it and, while holding ​it, drag it to the required location.
-To quickly access ​a tool, use [[user/​gui/​keys|shortcuts]]. ​Any tool can be minimized ​or closed ​with two corresponding buttons located ​in the upper right-hand corner ​of the window ​of each toolBesidesthese windows ​can be dragged over the screenTheir custom ​position ​is stored (for each tool individually), ​and next time they will be opened ​in the place they were closed ​the previous time+To quickly access ​tools, use [[user/​gui/​keys|shortcuts]]. ​To minimize ​or close the window of the tool you are working ​with, use the icons in the upper right corner. You can also drag the window ​around the screenIn additionby pulling the right or bottom edge of the window, you can resize it  (not applicable to the //Area// and //​Distance//​ tools)The position ​and size of each tool is memorized ​and the next time you open it, the tool opens in the same form and position in which it was closed.
-Measurement system applied to tools which require ​online calculations (such as Distance, Area, Address, Routing, Nearest units) ​is taken from the settings of current user (see [[../​set/​general|User Settings]]. Measurements ​for tools associated ​with track processing ​(such as Track Player, Hittest) ​are borrowed from units' properties+The units of measurement for tools related to online calculations (such as //Distance////Area////Address////Routing////Nearest units//are taken from the settings of the current user. The units of measurement ​for tools related to working ​with tracks ​(such as //Track Player////Hittest//use units from the unit settings.
-Find detailed ​information about each tool:+Detailed ​information about each tool:
 {{indexmenu>​user/​tools|tsort msort nsort}} {{indexmenu>​user/​tools|tsort msort nsort}}
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