Wialon help center has been launched

From June, 2021, docs.wialon.com is to be discontinued. Please look for answers to your questions in the new help center.

Starting June, after visiting docs.wialon.com, the system will redirect you to the Wialon help center. By the way, we kindly recommend you to update the links in your bookmarks or notes.

User Settings

Users can configure some system operation parameters according to their needs and tasks.

:!: User settings can be changed if the corresponding checkbox has been marked in the user properties dialog.

To view user settings click on the username in the top panel and then choose User Settings in the menu.

The User Settings dialog can contain up to five tabs, depending on the system configuration:

:!: The settings of one user can be imported to other users. Here you can learn more about the transfer of user settings.

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